Very few events have had such a positive impact on the Jackson County business community as the establishment in 1998 of the Jackson County Spring Showcase business exhibition.


"This has proven to be one of the most successful ideas ever undertaken by the Jackson Area Chamber Of Commerce," said Randy Heath, who originated the idea for the show after seeing how other chambers in Ohio had been successful with the idea. "It has been so valuable to the exhibitors because it gives them exposure that is invaluable over just a three-day period," noted Heath. "It is valuable to the chamber as it has become our biggest fund-raiser and we are still able to give so much in return."


Heath says for many of the exhibitors, who have smaller businesses, the exposure some receive in one weekend is more than they might gain the entire year. "The public certainly looks forward to the event each year and it is a tribute to the Jackson County business community that they continue to improve on the appearance of their exhibits and their generosity in their prizes that makes the event the success it has been year after year," he remarked.


Those visiting have enjoyed the opportunity of registering for many free gifts as well as learning more about the many services and products available in the Jackson area. The event is normally held in late March or early April, with the date and location to be announced by January each year. The event has grown to include over 60 business exhibitors for the weekend show and between 1,300 and 1,700 patrons in attendance, including those visiting the event as well as those who work at the event.




Believe it or not, soon it will be spring and time to celebrate the business success of Jackson County at the 2016 Jackson County Spring Showcase business exposition. This could truly be one of the most exciting Spring Showcases we have ever had!

For the last two years, we took a big leap of faith to energize our event with a true makeover, and it was a rousing success. Some of the positive changes we've made include:
• We moved to Jackson High School's Field House, a great facility with lots of parking.
• We have added the enormously popular Food Court ("A Taste of Jackson"), which continues to bring in the crowds by the hundreds, every time.
• We are once again keeping it a two-day event, Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19 (no Sunday hours). We believe this has made the event much more exhibitor-friendly.
• The Food Court will be available once again on both Friday and Saturday, with the Food Court vendors having the option of being present just on Friday, just on Saturday, or on both days. So far, all of them have elected to exhibit on both days.
• The lovely "Pipe and Drape" will once again be featured, making set-up for exhibitors hopefully a breeze; as well as the classy cover-all floor mat purchased by the Chamber.
• Exhibitors may begin set-up on Thursday if they wish (starting at approximately 7 p.m.), in preparation for Friday's opening, although set-up on Friday will still be available.
• As always, we do not require a grand-prize giveaway from exhibitors, but we do encourage it and many exhibitors continue to do so. Exhibitors do not, however, have to handle the actual sign-ups for their prizes - a change that has proven quite popular with our vendors. We will continue to have one centralized grand-prize sign-up booth where everyone can sign up just once to be eligible for any grand-prize giveaway. That way, visitors can give their full attention to talking with the exhibitors about their products or services.
• And exhibitors may, of course, give away and/or SELL anything they please from their booths (except for raffle tickets, please!). Coupons are highly encouraged as well.
• The public Showcase hours will be Friday, 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with grand prize drawings at 5:45 p.m. Saturday and tear-down promptly at 6 p.m.
• All booth rental fees will remain the same - $150 per regular 10'xl0' booth space, or $75 for a Food Court booth space (also 10'xl0').
• And finally, we will once again hold an informal "Business After Hours" on Friday from 4 to 5 p.m. (just one hour), with a special gathering place, just prior to opening the Showcase to the public. This is open to Chamber members and exhibitors only, and will provide an opportunity for mingling and networking - something which has been frequently requested, and we felt the Showcase was an ideal venue. The Food Court will also be open for business then.

We hope you will choose to help us celebrate our positive business climate by being a participant in the 2016 Jackson County Spring Showcase business exposition!



If you have ever considered being an exhibitor in our beautiful Spring Showcase, this just might be the right year to go for it! Let us know if you are interested and we will be happy to answer any and all questions. Invoices for your business can also be sent on request, and a two-sided registration form as well – for either the regular Showcase or the “Taste of Jackson” portion. Call Pam at 740-286-2722 (mornings) or 740-286-3604 (afternoons) to have a registration form and/or invoice sent to you.

All exhibitors will also receive a special packet prior to the Showcase with lots more helpful information. We hope to make this the finest event we have ever held in the 20 years of the Jackson Chamber's Business Spring Showcase!

Have a wonderful spring...
--Randy Heath, Executive Director,
Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce